Small Garden Pond Ideas

People often use landscaping and flower gardens to beautify their yard. Perhaps youd like to use something different. Why not try some of these small garden pond ideas and see how distinct they can make your yard appear.

Consider where you might like to place a small garden pond. Some people choose an area away from their homes while others choose to create a garden near their porch or patio. Which window would allow you to look out over the garden pond and enjoy the wildlife that may gather there?

You may only want to have a rock pond. This is a pond which has plenty of natural rocks and plants around them but wont necessarily contain fish or other animals. These are mostly for beautification and to entice nature to come into your yard.

Other people want to have a small garden pond which already has life in it. Most people think about putting Japanese Koi in their garden ponds because theyre a hardy fish. You can choose from other fish as well – Shubunkin goldfish and Comet goldfish are often sold for garden ponds. Start with a fish that is at least 3 inches long with a caudal fin. They come in a variety of colors.

Take time to do some research about pond fish. Theres a science to knowing how to take care of them. Depending upon the weather and water temperature, the fish will be more or less active and their appetite will also change. Feed the fish more during the warmer weather and much less when the temperatures drop.

You could hire someone to design and build a small garden pond, although this is one do-it-yourself project everyone in the family can pitch in and help with. Depending upon whether or not you put fish in your pond, shade is important. Youll also want to consider the condition of the soil in your yard, and the elevation. Rocky or hilly terrain could make some modifications necessary, so keep those in mind.

Plants to include in a garden pond include floating plants such as water lilies and water hyacinths. You can also find other aquatic plants to add to the pond. Again, plants are important should you have fish in the pond, because they will need someplace to get out of the direct sunlight.

Pond kits are available at most home improvement stores but it isnt really necessary to buy one. You can choose the location for the pond, dig out the area, and then place a thick, plastic pond liner into the hole. Cover the liner rim with natural material such as rocks or logs. Make the pond look as natural as you can and it will definitely be something beautiful for you and your family to enjoy.

Remember that youll also need to filter the water and keep the pond clean. Rock ponds may take more care keeping them clean because youll have to remove the water and rocks each year. If you choose to add a waterfall feature, a pump will be necessary. The pump will help keep the water clean and circulating so the amount of maintenance required is reduced. The best way to ensure the waterfall doesnt fail is to have a second pump and filter system on hand in case the primary pump breaks down.

Adding a water feature can make all the difference in how your yard looks. These small garden pond ideas will give you some place to start and then you can research more to decide what type of pond is right for your budget and yard.

Make Your Garden Dazzle With Garden Lighting

Only someone completely immune to beauty of an artfully lit garden will fail to appreciate how a small investment can light your evenings. Well-designed garden lights can turn your garden into a wonderland by night by adding ambience and beauty to it. There are great selections of garden lights ranging from low voltage and LED lighting to solar garden lighting. Right kind of lights can create magical scenery in your garden after sunset.

Why Should You Use Garden Lights

Garden lights do not only turn your garden into a magical fantasy, it also makes your house safer at the nighttime. If a higher electricity bill is your concern, then you should go for solar or low-voltage lights which are economical ways of keeping your landscape glowing. Some people also use decorative garden lighting which makes garden radiant along with making it safe and beautiful.

Spending evening in your garden after you come from work can help you relax. Instead of heading for the bar, you can simply invite your friends and have a small get together, right in your garden. Moreover, kids too will love to play in a fairy tale like garden and invent interesting storylines to go with the theme of your lighting. Spending evenings with family can also help in making stronger bonds. There are several similar reasons that support presence of lightning in your garden area. Because darkness can limit the amount of time you can spend in your garden, Garden lights can make the landscape wannabe and invite friends and family to spend some nice time.

Type Of Garden Lights

Garden lights of different types are available both in specialty stores and online. They come in the form of solar lights, candle lights, battery or kerosene fueled lights and lights that are operated with help of electricity. Using candle lights can create a glimmer in your garden such that there is not too much light and still the objects in your garden keep radiating. Candle lighting is appropriate for romantic gardens are full of green hostas and roses.

Solar garden lighting is perfect for marking pathways and walkways which lead from the garden back to your house. Solar lights give will give your house a warm, festive glow once the sun sets. This glow can be pastel or clear depending entirely on your preference. Electricals garden lighting is also available in form of staked lanterns or stringed lights. You can easily hang them from garden trellises.

Battery-operated lights are usually available in form of lanterns or statues that can be turned off and on as desired. Fuel-operated garden torches or tiki torches are also very light for outdoor activities and garden parties. For more colorful accents, you can use fiber optic lighting.

Benefits Of Using Garden Lights

Garden lighting does much more than accentuating your favorite statue of creating interesting shadows amongst trees. Yes, your garden ornaments will look several times more beautiful at night but a well lit garden will also offer additional protection against unsavory characters.

Garden Lighting Outlet also offers security so that they can prevent accidents and spot intruders. In fact motion-triggered security spotlights effectively protect your garden and home and deter impostors. It is important to consider different ways of lightening well-traveled areas of your garden. They’re different options that you can choose for lighting the garden and make it perfect.

Bringing your garden back to life after winter

During winter, your garden can become dull and lose its colour as a result of the colder temperatures and severe weather conditions. Gabriel Ash offers a wide range of greenhouses and accessories that will help you to bring your garden back to life after the winter season. There are also a number of steps that you can take to ensure that your garden is lively and attractive for spring.

After the winter season ends, certain parts of your garden, such as your lawn, may have lost their colour. These areas will usually gain their colour back during the spring season, but there are treatments that you can use to help any areas that have been damaged by insects or frost to look lively again.

When using any treatments on areas such as your lawn, you may wish to opt for organic methods or products, such as organic lawn feed, as this will help to keep your garden healthy and will reduce the risk of your plants and lawn becoming damaged.

If you wish to brighten up your garden with some new plants, then start planting some new perennials or bushes. Make sure your plants are watered regularly and avoid over-mulching, as this can damage your plants. Remove any dead leaves from your garden to brighten it up and use them for mulch, along with any suitable household waste that you have accumulated over the winter. Making sure your garden is free of any dead leaves or plants will help to brighten it up for spring.

Extra items such as furniture and accessories will help to liven up your garden after winter. Consider adding a garden bench, table and chairs or attractive ornaments to help compliment your plants. You can also liven up your garden by attracting wildlife with bird feeders, bird tables and other accessories.

As spring approaches, many gardeners will plan to spend more time outside caring for their plants and lawn. To ensure that your plants are provided with proper care, you will need to make sure that any garden equipment that you stored away for winter is still in good condition. Check your lawnmower and other garden tools for any signs of damage or rust. Making sure that your garden tools are in good condition will help you to provide your plants and lawn with proper treatment and will keep your garden looking lively and healthy.

You may also wish to start livening up your greenhouse after winter if you have one. Organise a thorough cleanout and remove any dead plants, bags or items that you have stored in your greenhouse during winter. Keeping your greenhouse tidy and organised will help to prepare it for use during the spring.

Free Garden Seed Catalogs Preferred Reading For preppers

If youre a prepper, you know the value of self-reliance in all spheres of life. This includes food, one of our most basic needs. Its likely that garden seed catalogs are on your preferred reading list, as they should be.

If youre not a prepper, maybe you should be! If youre a hobbyist, garden seed catalogs can be a colorful distraction, or the stuff of wistful reverie. But take a look at the newspapers, blogs, and TV newscasts: Things are getting flat-out terrifying in the economy. Food prices are headed toward the Ionosphere. If you cant grow it yourself, pretty soon you may not be able to afford buying it. Thats a terrifying prospect, but we have to face reality. Preppers in particular know that its a good idea to find out where to get free garden seed catalogs and start working on food independence.

Check out your local home and gardening stores; some of them will probably have bins full of free garden seed catalogs. Some major big box stores have garden sections where free garden seed catalogs will be available. Many free garden seed catalogs can be downloaded from the Web, or ordered via e-mail.
And heres a thought: Some civic groups offer not only free garden seed catalogs, but free seeds to people willing to donate part of what they grow to local food banks. Seed exchanges and seed swap groups will likewise provide free seeds to people on request. If you find one in your town, ask them where you can grab a few free garden seed catalogs.

Companies that offer heirloom bulk seeds will probably send a free garden seed catalog on request. Non-hybrid, non-GMO organic bulk seeds can be recovered and re-planted. The chief advantage here is the ability to preserve a pure strain and to enhance the self-sufficiency of the farmer and consumer.

If youre interested in starting an urban homestead, garden seed catalogs will be a regular part of your print diet. There are many kinds of free garden seed catalogs available and you should grab as many as you can.


Popular Options For Garden Hose Storage

Storage solutions for garden hose come in wide and various designs, models, types, and materials. Options include garden hose holder, garden hose reel, and garden hose cart.

Does a garden hose lying around your garden annoy you? Have you or anyone in the family slipped over the hose at one time or another? Lighten up. You have many options for storing your garden hose. Take a look.

Garden Hose Holder

Storing your garden hose properly is no longer a problem with garden hose holder. It is typically set up on the side of your home and plays a vital part in keeping your residence appear organized and tidy. The holders also prevent everyone, especially children, from tripping in kinked or twisted garden hoses around the house.

This tool also presents a nice-looking and functional choice to other garden hose storage types. It not only keeps your garden hose smartly curled, but they are on hand in numerous diverse materials and designs. You can find holders to match the length and type of your garden hose. There are heavy duty ornamental garden hose holders that feature faucet extension. These models are usually mounted on a sturdy aluminum pole and can be picketed in your preferred area.

Some hose holders offered are created from wrought iron festooned with lavish designs. These are far different from everyday plastic hose holders and adjoin a feel of classiness to your home and landscape. You can also acquire one decked with your name or initial. Depending on the type of material and design that you select, prices of garden hose holders vary from about 50 to 500 dollars. These holders are offered at Home Depots and on the Internet.

Garden Hose Reel

Whatever the length of your garden hose (20, 50, 100, or 200 feet,), a garden hose reel will stock it up handily. Many and varied styles and models of garden hose reels are offered in a lot of stores. There are hose reel models that are decorative, looking like trendy pots but efficiently serving as hose reels. Some others are portable electric-powered reels. Still others come in retractable designs that feature advanced layering system to make sure that the hose pulls in effortlessly and uniformly.

There are hose reels mounted on the side of your residence or on cart units, and can be moved around. Plastic hose reels cost a few dollars while high-end reels cost about more than 100 dollars. The choices are endless and the one you purchase just depends on your lifestyle and finances.

Garden Hose Container

A garden hose container helps keep your garden hose from resting scattered on the lawn. The hose is easily coiled up inside the container to make your landscape or home look more orderly and tidy.

It comes in assorted styles and designs. Some are finished from plastic or wood and carry detachable covers with lock and storage stands. Other cool and creative hose containers worth buying include those old metal pails, woven or rattan baskets, or big terra cotta and copper pots. As for woven baskets, they need to be placed indoors in the wintry weather to prevent it from developing some cracks.

Garden Hose Cart

A garden hose cart is handy and can normally lodge garden hoses up to 250 feet. It makes transporting hoses easy from one place to another. This mobility makes it more convenient to water your landscape or garden. Quite a few designs of hose carts are on handthe stand-alone garden hose cart or the reel and cart together. Or, if you like to have a complete mechanism to mind your garden, some types of hose carts come as piece of a gardening station that comprises a sink, table, and storage section.

The maintenance of A fabulous Summer time Garden

There are many things that go into planning and planting a summer garden. A lot of work goes into keeping a summer garden looking fabulous all summer long and most people fail to consider this fact. If you really want your summer garden to flourish then you need to perform a few tasks to maintain it’s beauty.

Mini gardening goals should be mapped out and you should make all attempts to achieve and follow them as closely as environmental changes permit. Remember to take into consideration natural setbacks such as lack of rain or excessive temperatures and make the proper adjustments By having a list of things to do written down in a place where it can be seen it will weigh more heavily and be much more likely to be accomplished than if it were out of sight and out of mind.

Do what you have must to keep the weeds out, and provide proper nourishment to each specific plant you are growing. Ensure that you prune your garden on a regular basis and remove all leaves that show signs of dying. Remove the debris along with perform necessary cutting as required and take away all weed growth every time the opportunity or demand arises. When you feel that weeds are taking over your garden area, you should simply add more mulch to kill them off.

Trim other locations of your property that need trimming to create a much more uniform appearance among grass and flower garden. Simply because your backyard is not appearing its greatest doesn’t mean your flower garden must suffer at the same time. Devote a little time to yard care and attention in order to keep your property and flowerbed over a consistent dimensions together throughout the summertime horticulture season.

Make certain that you diligently review each and every plant which you have within your flower garden and are actually alert to every particular needs that exist for one flower to another. You should ensure that you happen to be offering your plant life everything that they require to thrive. Far too much moisture or sunshine can be quite unfavorable on the garden area that you have committed to.

Implementing proper care of the garden in the summer season can make the fall gathering process proceed much more smoothly while also helping get ready for your organizing which will take place in the cold winter months months ahead. Use the knowledge that you gained this summer gardening season to plan a more fruitful gardening season next year and beyond. Understanding that your failures are just as important as your successes in guiding your gardening future success is vital. Learning to sustain your flower garden is the better approach to see whether or not you need to attempt a more or less dedicated garden in the future cultivating seasons.

Corner Sheds Are Great For Small Gardens

There are a wide range of wooden corner sheds on the market in the UK today. So how do you know which one is best for you? This article looks as the possible uses of the wooden corner shed and what options are available when buying one. Let us guide you through the process of buying a wooden corner shed.

Shed designers have identified this problem and have invested time and money into a practical solution – the wooden corner shed.

Typically the corner of gardens are not utilised to their full potential and are often hidden by shrubs or a place to dump the infrequently used items. With a wooden corner shed, you can now use all the space in your garden to its full potential.

The wooden corner shed makes the most of the space available, conveniently fitting into any corner of the garden. The original wooden corner sheds were designed in a triangular shape but the corner sheds of today actually have five sides. Picture this, two wooden walls meet at the rear of the shed at a right angle with three further walls making up the front of the shed. This style creates a corner shed that is both functional in terms of the space utilised in the garden and much more attractive than either the triangular shape or traditional rectangular garden sheds.

Interested in buying a wooden corner shed? Then it’s time to start thinking about the options available. First, consider what your main motivation is for getting a corner shed. Are you just looking for garden storage to house your hose pipe or lawn mower? Or are you looking for an outdoor building to use as a summerhouse or home office? Once you have decided what you will be using your corner shed for, you need to think about what size of shed you need.

Do you want to use it to store essential gardening supplies such as seeds and fertiliser, or do you want to store larger items such as the BBQ or lawn mower? Is it just a convenient storage solution or to you want it to double up as a playhouse, summerhouse or worktop too.

The first step in this process is to measure the amount of space you have available in your garden that you are able to use for a wooden garden shed. When doing this, consider not only your current needs, but also your future needs. You don’t want to buy a shed now, only to find out that you need a larger one in a years time ‘ same money by investing in a suitable one now that will last a long time.
Now onto the different styles of wooden corner shed available to buy in the UK today. The first decision is what type of roof you would like your shed to have ‘ apex or flat. The apex roof has the advantage of allowing water to easily run off it. An apex roof also makes your shed look more like a substantial building so is ideally suited if you’re going to use your corner shed as a home office or summerhouse. Flat roofs offer a more discreet style option, allowing your corner shed to blend into your garden. A flat roof style of shed is therefore ideal if you are planning to use your corner shed just for storage.

There are a number of different finishes available for your wooden corner shed. You can choose to have a treated wood finish which will protect your shed from the elements. Or if you prefer, you can choose to have a painted or stained finish which offer a more attractive option and can also help to tie your wooden garden shed into the style of the rest of your garden or even your home. You may think that all of these options will intrude into your garden but for those wanting a much more discreet look, you can allow vines or ivy to climb over your shed.

There are also a wide variety of windows and door options available for your wooden garden shed. Depending on how you will be using your garden shed, will affect what options you choose. If you are planning on using your corner shed for a playhouse, summerhouse or workshop, natural light is very important and you will therefore be looking for a corner shed with large windows and a glazed door. For a shed just being used for storage, natural light will be less important but a durable, wide door, or even double doors will be more important to allow ease in storing larger items.

I hope now you know more about the variations available for buying a wooden corner shed. Look round for one to match your needs in the UK today.

Different Ways To Maintain The Cleanliness Of Your Own Modern Garden Furniture

It is very essential for us to maintain our own outdoor furniture to be always clean and well-cared for so that we are going to have a back garden that’s not simply beautiful but stylish and equally sophisticated; back garden has always been the place within our home where parties, gatherings and lots of important family occasions are organized. Before actually getting your hands on the back garden home furniture, always remember that garden furniture are produced from different kinds of materials which should be considered before cleaning because the cleaning technique and the cleaning agent that will be utilized will be mainly be determined by the kind of materials a outdoor furniture is constructed of. Read through the next sentences in order for you to gather a lot more information on how to completely clean your White Garden Furniture.

Get rid of dirt along with other natural particles like branches, flowers and leaves as well as dried out bird droppings through the usage of a small broom or perhaps brushwood that has nylon material bristles. For additional safety, apply several thin layers of automobile wax around the open areas of your plastic-type or perhaps metallic garden furniture.

If your wooden home furniture haven’t been pre-treated or painted, you can protect as well as water-proof all of them through using paint, clear sealants, oils, polyurethane films or even unsightly stains. Even so, make certain you are careful to avoid putting sealant within the anchoring screws because the wood would certainly shrink and expand after some time, which makes it harder to be able to tighten all of them when required. Keep in mind that whatever the type of wood used, all of your wooden garden and outdoor furniture should be held indoors during the winter season.

Closed wooden home furniture could be cleaned using water along with a mild cleaning agent. If you need to rinse off dirt as well as grime, you can do so gently. Afterwards, you can rinse out by using a low pressure garden hose. Make certain you regularly examine the status your painted metal home furniture. Bubbles along with other irregularities generally show up when there is rusting below the paint. In case you see a few, take into account getting the home furniture restored before their problem worsens.

Because modern garden furnitures are often exposed to the different elements, they could very easily acquire dirt, rust or even degrade. By means of following all these cleaning and maintenance tips, you will be able to ensure that your modern garden furniture would likely always be beautiful as well as in good condition for the next number of decades.

Garden Sheds May Be Used For More Than Just Storage

Many individuals consider their garden shed as just a repository, but have you ever considered unconventional uses for your garden shed? Garden sheds are popular for maintaining garden tools, lawnmowers, and equipment. But they really are versatile, and individuals are starting to notice them as useful for other purposes too.

In this day and age, people are out to get the utmost value from a shed, and are discovering its capability as a workshop, storage house, or even a greenhouse. Modern sheds are more than simply sheds, and are available in different sizes, and made from many different materials that make them extremely adaptable. A big plus is that it is not required to go out trying to find a shed at local suppliers. Its quite easy to utilize your home computer and check online for the best offers for garden sheds.

Besides merely using your garden shed for storage you might set it up as a greenhouse possibly. This is a remarkable opportunity that the latest types of small outdoor buildings enable you to do. A number of people choose to make their shed into a small workshop, instead of use their garage as an example. This way, your tools and projects can be set out in an ordered approach, and be kept safe between work sessions. So, as you can see, garden sheds and storage to go hand-in-hand but you will discover numerous other uses for them as well. Before committing to buy one though, it’s best to bear in mind what kind of shed you should go for.

You’ll soon see, after you are considering purchasing a garden shed that there are three primary sorts of material used in their making. Namely, wood, metal, and plastic, and most are produced largely from one or the other. Most individuals are familiar with the standard wood structures that you notice in the garden. These types of storage units appear nice, however they require continual maintenance to keep them looking good and also to keep them waterproofed.

The next type of shed for your garden is a metal one. You can’t deny the strength and resilience of sheds created from metal. These metal structures within your garden don’t come across as nice as the wooden ones, although they’ll last longer. Although, because there is the likelihood of corrosion, a little upkeep might be required.

Finally, there is the modern plastic kind of storage shed. Plastic garden storage sheds are becoming awfully trendy these days, and individuals are starting to recognize the numerous features of plastic garden sheds and storage. Nearly all are of quality construction, manufactured from heavily molded plastic like polyethylene or PVC. They need nearly no maintenance and are particularly durable. The very best thing is that they cost significantly less than metal or wood storage units.

Types Of Rattan Garden Furniture And What To Look Out For

If you are looking to bring your old garden furniture into the modern world, look no further than Rattan Garden Furniture.

With the recent influx of Rattan Garden Furniture into the UK, it has proven itself to be a worthy contender into the British Outdoor Garden Furniture market.

With the Rattan Garden Furnitures all weather resistance features, it makes it the perfect choice for a garden owner within the UK too have Rattan Garden Furniture over the more traditional Wooden Garden Furniture or even the classic Aluminium Garden Furniture due to our erratic British weather conditions.

There are many Outdoor Garden Furniture companies popping up all over the UK advertising all kinds of Outdoor Garden Furniture with promises of long lasting furniture but to really understand what this means, you need to understand the different types of rattan that are in use.
Here are the main types of Rattan being used within the UK Market:

PE (Polyethylene) Rattan

One of the main benefits for PE Rattan is that it is a recyclable material, so it is ECO-Friendly and can be reused for other applications over and over again.

PE Rattan is also the strongest type of rattan in use due to its hard wearing and rigid nature.
This is the more expensive luxurious rattan and it generally the better quality to be looking for.

PU (Polyurethane) Rattan

PU Rattan is also a popular alternative for manufacturers however, whereas PE and PVC can be recycled, PU Rattan is not a recyclable material.

PU Rattan has a degree of flexibility to it but it is still a hard wearing material which has similar properties to PE Rattan.

This is your mid range rattan that offers certain price points for people who want the long lasting qualities as PE Rattan but cannot justify the price tag.

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Rattan

PVC Rattan is the cheapest type of rattan available to manufacturers. Again it has similar properties as the above types of rattan but it isnt as hard wearing.

PVC is also an ECO-Friendly Material and can be reused over and over again for other applications.
The PVC Outdoor Garden Furniture is also often found in the large super markets/department stores at a fraction of the cost of PE/PU Rattan which makes this a popular choice as throw away furniture.

Life expectancy of PE and PU Rattan is generally between 5-10 years whereas PVC Rattan is generally between 3-7 years depending on weather conditions and how well it is maintained throughout the year.

Furniture Frame work

Another thing to look for is the type of material that the underlying framework is made from. After all you dont want to buy something that has the best rattan only to be let down by a weak frame.


Steel framework is by far a cheaper option to make but if does come with some downsides to it.
Primarily, steel rusts over time without proper care.
Usually, the manufacturers coat the steel with a powder coat which will significantly increase the lifespan of the steel so it is a good idea to keep on top of this and give it an extra coat of paint every so often to ensure that it stays in tip top shape for many years to come.
The other “issue” with steel is that it is much heavier as well.


Aluminium is the opposite to that of steel. It is lightweight and rust resistant as well.
However, this can increase the price of the furniture as well but it is worth it as it will last longer and it is 1 less thing that you need to maintain as well.


So when you are looking for Garden Furniture, look for something with an Aluminium frame and ideally PE Rattan.

This will give you a very long lasting furniture set that will be maintenance free for the majority of it.