Apartment Patio Garden Design Ideas

You can have a beautiful garden while living even in the smallest apartment. If you would love to have a peaceful garden to relax in, but all you have is an apartment patio or balcony, you can still enjoy the benefits of a garden.

Turn your small patio into a beautiful mini-garden with our garden design ideas. Get started right away using these great tips.

1. If you can’t go wide, go tall. Hang some beautiful flowers from an overhang or place a hook in any spot you can find. Some great ones are ivy or other plants and flowers that vine. Their beauty will flow and hang down, filling your space with such beauty.

2. Stick a cool chair in the corner or the patio and place a flowerpot on it. Since you probably will not have room for a larger swing or seating arrangement, just find a small and simple place for you to enjoy your new garden.

You can’t go wrong with wrought iron in your garden design, this is a great choice. A small wrought iron chair with a fluffy cushion would be a perfect addition.

3. Purchase some tall plant holders and place them at the back of the patio. These can be filled with colorful flowers or greenery. You can then step down from tall to medium and short in order to have a great design and to fill in the small spaces.

4. Every garden needs a fountain, you can purchase a small one for the outdoors. It can be a tiny battery operated one, it doesn’t matter.It doesn’t matter if it is one you plug in or just runs on batteries. Just one that you can tuck between greenery to create beauty and the peaceful sound of trickling water.

Creating a garden for a small space is perfectly simple. Whether you have an acre to work with, or a couple of square feet, you too can enjoy a wonderful garden.

Unique ways of enhancing a back garden landscape

Landscaping is a matter of taste, just like choosing your clothing or interior decorating. The art and beauty of backyard landscaping is all about beauty in the eye of the beholder.

So let’s explore some simple ideas to transform your backyard space without spending too much money on materials, labor.

Backyard Landscaping is a fun activity that satisfies the creative need inside each of us. People fond of landscaping often come up with their own landscaping ideas that can serve to enhance the look of their living place or any piece of land.

Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Backyard landscaping is not just re-positioning of plants or statues in your backyard. Consider it as an art, a masterpiece that shows your creativity and personality. So here are some ideas to get your brain rolling along.

Consider Some Lighting

Landscape lighting in your backyard is a great way to dress up the outside of your home.

At first this may appear to be an extravagance, but it can improve the security of your home, in addition to making walkways safer after dusk. But best of all the addition of lights to your back yard can have a dramatic effect on the feel of your out door space. Plus this is one of the more affordable changes that you can make about your backyard.

And most lighting comes in a kit that makes it easy to install for even the most unskilled among us.

Consider A Garden

Gardening has always been known to be a great stress reliever. Getting out in the fresh air, getting your hands dirty, is very calming to the body and soul.

Gardening has always been a favorite pastime with both the young and old, and it is truly an activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family including children. This is especially true when it comes to growing plants like pumpkins watermelons and sunflowers.

So consider adding a potted garden using large pots, portable planters, or even the classic half wooden barrel.

Add Some Simple Elements For A Radical Change

If you are looking for an easy and effective way to make a quick change to your backyard space then consider adding one or more major focal elements.

For instance adding a bubbling water fountain to your garden, patio or deck is an easy way to establish a new focus of interest in that area. Water is a great way to add a relaxed atmosphere of serenity. And it is a simple addition that will definitely please not only you but also all of your guests.

A little digging and planting can do a decent job of dramatically transforming a backyard. So consider adding trees or shrubs in interesting and defining patterns for your backyard garden landscaping. This can boost your landscape’s appeals and also offer you and your house cooler surroundings all through the summer.

Want a really big change?

Then consider adding a patio, or expanding an existing patio, is a great way to start building that exterior living space.

Things To Consider When Buying Garden Lighting

Are you planning to give a new look to your garden and doing some landscaping? Well, if you are, you must give special importance to the selection of garden lighting. This form of decoration must be considered like any other important house item you buy, and you must think them out clearly. Never try to buy it in a rush, which you will definitely regret. Some people are still under the impression that backyard lighting is used only for the purpose of having some light in the garden at night. What they do not realize is that lighting can actually make your garden look totally different and beautiful.

Therefore, there are some things that you must consider while buying lighting. First and foremost is that they should not upset your budget. You can find the lighting in a very economical price. The next thing is that they must not cost you much in the end, which means they must not consume too much power. You definitely do not want the king of garden lighting that will increase your electricity bill. Therefore, you have an option of solar lighting; you can consider that as well.

Now, before actually buying the garden lighting, you must plan the layout of your garden first. This will let you know where and what type of garden illumination you require. While planning you must make sure that the light do not get in the way, and they must be away from the reach of children. You must know which part of the garden you want to emphasize, and which parts you want to lay low. So you can get different types of lighting to create different types of ambience.

There is a lot of ornamental and decorative garden lights are available for landscaping. There is no doubt that they do look wonderful, but while planning any outdoor item, you must consider the weather and environment of your area. The garden lights that you select must be made of the material, which is resistant to local weather so that it can last for a long time. The garden illumination must not be prone to wear and tear very quickly. It is always advisable that you must inquire from some of your family members, and friends. Reviews always help in making decisions about such things.

If you’d like to enhance your yard with Garden Lighting we have more great tools and resources on our website

Some Of The Many Types Of Garden Lights Available

Garden lighting is a very important and vital part of landscaping. All around the world, the lighting is used to create an amazing look of the gardens irrespective of the fact that they are privately owned or public ones. The garden lighting has been in use for centuries either for the purpose of security or beautification. The power source has changed over the years with advancement in their shapes and sizes as well as colors. They are also used for decoration and lighting in an outdoor function, and you will all agree with me that they look awesome.

If you are planning to do landscaping of your garden, you must not forget the garden lighting, as your garden will not look as beautiful as it should. There are many different types of these appliances available depending upon their shapes and sizes. They are used for different purposes, and creating different looks in the garden. The main types in which the backyard lighting can be categorized are landscape lights, spotlights, security lights, and step lights. You will find a great variety under all these four categories. The landscape garden illumination can be put to various uses in the design of your garden according to its theme. They are available in different shapes. Some are in the shapes of flowers, animals, and bugs. They look very pretty when placed among the plants strategically. There are also garden stake lights that can be placed in the flowerbeds, or in the corners where they deem fit.

The spot garden illumination are used for throwing light at a specific point in the garden. They look pretty amazing in the garden. They are also available in different shapes such as rocks, so they also look like a part of the garden. The security lights are basically meant for providing enough light in the garden for people to see properly, and show them the path. The garden lighting is also available in different designs such as hanging lamps etc. You have a lot of variety in these lights as well so that you can select the ones that compliment the rest of the garden, and do not look out of place. Last but not the least are the deck and step Garden Lighting. As the name indicates, they are meant to be placed on the deck or patio steps, so that they are properly visible.

Steps To Market Gardening On The Cheap

Market gardening is a great business. Demand for fresh organic produce is growing by leaps and bounds. Best of all this is a business you can start ‘on the cheap’, beginning with very few resources, or money, or even land of your own! And, you can make money the first year. Follow these 5 steps to start a market garden business on the cheap.

Step 1: Start With The Right Model.
The best way to start market gardening on the cheap is by starting a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) garden. In this model, your customers subscribe to your farm, paying you in advance for produce you will deliver throughout the season. This advance cash flow will help you buy equipment, seed, and supplies to get started.

Step 2: Planning.
The next step to market gardening on the cheap is planning. You need to set some goals for your CSA market garden. You do this by answering a couple basic questions;

1. How much money can I make (or do I need to make) from my garden?

2. How many customers do I need?

Answering these questions will give you the goals or targets for your market garden. For example, if you decide you need to make $10,000 from your garden, and you think each customer will pay you $500 for a season’s worth of vegetables, you will need to find 20 customers to hit your sales target.

Step 3: Marketing
Now you have to find those 20 customers. Start with your ‘warm market’ i.e. with people you already know. Talk to your friends, co-workers, team members, church members, hockey team, everybody you come into contact with on a regular basis; this is your warm market.

Tell them you are going to be growing great organic vegetables and if they hurry they can get on the list to get some!

If you still need more customers after mining your warm market, mail-out flyers sent to the local community work well. Flyers give you lots of room to communicate your marketing message, you can target a particular neighbourhood or area for distribution, and flyers were relatively cheap. You can use some of the advance payments from your warm market customers to pay for the flyers.

Step 4: Management
Now you need to put the resources in place to actually grow those great veggies for your hungry customers. You will need to plan your garden. You need to figure out what crops you are growing (hint: ask your customers what they want), how much of each crop you need, when to plant your garden, and how much space you will need. You will also need equipment, supplies and land.

Here’s a few tips to get the stuff you need for your market garden on the cheap.

– Don’t buy what you can borrow or barter.

– Work your network before you open your wallet. Try to barter veggies from your garden for things you need.

– Rent, don’t buy, big equipment like tractors or rototillers

– Go to farm auctions to find hand tools, wheelbarrows, small equipment

You can even barter for the use of some land from a neighboring farmer if you don’t have any of your own

Step 5: Production
Production is the day to day care of your market garden. This includes seed starting, transplanting and the market gardener’s WWF: Weeding, Watering and Feeding. You always need to be on the lookout for ways to reduce the time, effort and cost of production in your market garden. Sometimes an investment in the right tool can save you time and money in the long run.

For example, we now hire a neighboring farmer with a tractor and bed shaper to make our raised garden beds. This turns out to be less than half the cost of doing it with my little tiller and my farm helpers.


Market gardening on the cheap is a great way to start a part-time business on your small property. You can start market gardening even while keeping your current job. If you are successful you can grow it into a full-time business. Get growing!

Techniques In Choosing A Garden Office

So you have actually determined to work from residence. And you recognize that a “residence office” is never ever finest option and that the option waits for in your garden. All you have to do now is to acquire a correct garden office. Charlie Dalton, the UK’s garden office specialist manuals you with the choice making procedure and assists you stay clear of the risks.

Pick your place sensibly. You must just get your garden office as soon as, so make certain you get the right dimension: not merely for your garden however for your designated application. I have actually contacted many garden office individuals who consistently bemoan that, with hindsight, their office is merely a little too little for their day to day demands. Consider just how much work desk room, filing room and meeting room will you require? Will you be working alone, with co-workers or will you be anticipating additional website visitors? As soon as you have actually developed these elements you can easily begin to consider the influence your garden room.

Consider just how typically you’ll make use of the office. Also if you are organizing to utilize your garden office just every now and then, you’ll still have to guarantee that your selection of structure is well insulated and secure if you mean to leave any type of data or IT equipment in it. If you are a routine garden office laborer, then make certain your interior atmosphere will certainly match that of your “in residence” office. Hot, comfy and secure must be your leading 3 tick points.

Stay clear of a lost, summerhouse or log “cabin”. Bear in mind that the majority of garden structures are made for garden usage. Garden being the vital word. You have to be focusing on the word office. Sheds and summerhouses are best periodic work locations when the climate is neither too cool nor too hot– so you and your laptop computer can easily walk down the garden and will certainly be great for around 30-60 days of the year. Nonetheless, you’ll be uncomfortable and unpleasant for the additional 10 months of the year. Just recently, log cabin importers have actually included “Gardence Office” onto their proposed usages of these Eastern European sheds. Sure, a log cabin is a bit harder than a lost, however we have actually yet to develop just how a solitary skinned structure can successfully discourage the neighborhood bad guys, handle the British climate or can easily protect against the logs uncovering to expose impromptu added windows and an undesirable source of venting. They’re affordable (and they are absolutely not pleasing!) however it will certainly cost you fairly dollar to heat/cool and you’ll be fortunate to obtain insurance for it as a ” residence office”.

Make the right impression. Also if you are not anticipating routine website visitors, you have to guarantee that your office influences you, satisfies you and tempts you every early morning. Make sure the garden office that you pick makes you keen to go to work every early morning. You must have springtime in your action as you walk down the garden to work.

Avoid picking a garden office that will certainly be the “very first time” for the business. The net is full of business who have actually produced a prototype– photographed to a wonderful degree on a fancy internet site … then organize to offer it to you. Garden office manufacture is specialist industry, and whilst a couple of fly-by-nights could have some pretty photos there is little replacement to a history of manufacturing and installment. There are several reliable garden office suppliers in the UK who have a tested performance history of constant production quality. These business can offer you with a strong, appealing and comfy office room.

Transform Your Garden Into a Winter Wonderland

With the Holiday season fast approaching, there is never a better time than now to start preparing to transform your Garden into a Winter Wonderland.

The family home is often the focal point for Christmas celebrations and there is absolutely no reason why arranging the outdoor Xmas decorations can’t be made a part of the festivities as well. Deciding on a theme for your garden and choosing the appropriate decorations can be a great way to get the kids involved and excited for the coming festivities. Not to mention been able to appreciate the look of joy on your children’s faces as together you transform your garden into a winter wonderland.

There is a wide range of festive decorations to choose from when deciding upon a theme for your garden. Perhaps you would like a cheerful Santa Clause preparing to descend the chimney whilst his beautiful Reindeer wait for him patiently on the snow covered roof. Or why not recreate the traditional nativity scene with Baby Jesus and the 3 wise men. Whatever Christmas theme you decide to decorate your garden with, you will be sure to find all the outdoor Xmas decorations you need right here.

Festive decorations are hard wearing and are built to survive the harsh winter elements, if well looked after and stored correctly when not in use, your decorations will provide you with years of festive joy.

Some enthusiasts even create outdoor Xmas displays so impressive that people will travel far and wide to see them; it is not unheard of for people to pay to walk around and view these displays. This isn’t just confined to large properties either; great use of space and imagination can transform even a small display area into a magical scene.

When decorating your garden with outdoor Xmas decorations the only limit is your imagination, for more fantastic ideas visit outdoorxmasdecorations.info and transform your garden into a winter wonderland!

Tips About Selecting A Backyard Garden Swing

A backyard garden swing accentuates the attraction of relaxing in a garden on a windy or warm warm day. Small children are specifically fond of swings to play with. A back garden swing set can have two types of mechanism – it can either swing or glide. Swinging means to reach greater altitude and gliding means just to swing like the three seater swings. Both the sorts are then mounted on an upper column therefore hangs from there on either a strong tree side branch or upon a man-made structure.

With wide variety of swings for sale in buyer markets, it’s difficult to get a swing. Consider the following tips prior to picking out back garden swings:

1.Garden swings needs to be made from cured woods as it will be open to elemental wear and tear. Cedar, redwood, and teak are the frequently employed woods and cedar way more since it has all-natural resistance to infestations and so are suitable for all climatic conditions. Before buying, check the wood quality and whether or not this will be able to tolerate the climatic conditions of your residential area.

2.Before purchasing, you’ll want to consider- for whom do you think you’re purchasing the swing? Compact backyards may have one seater swings whilst medium or big home gardens which really should have family seating arrangement for example three seater swings. For larger back garden swings, it’s likely you have to construct yet another structure for weight support.

3.The costing of the garden swing should match your spending budget. Depending upon the materials used, designs, texture, and mode of manufacture, the garden swings are priced. While wooden swings are highly priced, comparatively, its rustic counterpart is reasonably priced. Add to the costing, the installment costs and maintenance costs.

4.Consider your individual style before buying! Though rustic or whitewashed swings are of much better overall appeal for any kind of gardens, it’s possible to nevertheless select multiple colors and design patterns. For organic feel, it is possible to paint flowers on the swing etc. Your swing style ought to be an extension of your preferences. While the choice of family does matter, hear their opinions after which choose the one which perhaps echos the style and choice of the entire family.

Finally, before using a back garden swing, you might embellish it. Soft cushions would be the ideal accessory. Throw in 4 – 5 cushions and sit there all day admiring the weather, gulls soaring away, the pleasant view, and the straightforwardness of this all! Since soft cushions on garden swings will deteriorate easily, the requirement is to replace the older ones with newer ones. Back garden cushions of more neutral color are suitable as they add to the natural appeal of the place. Patterns, feel, color, and sizes do vary and they are occasionally custom made by cushion manufacturers.

To maintain the improved appeal of a garden, keep on shaping the area at regular intervals to avoid wild grass growth. A garden swing set is constructed with variety of materials and represent a style to home dcor. Wood swings are much recommended option as they quite simply gel with the natural environment than other back garden swing components.

Starting A Garden What Garden Supplies Should You Have

Have you recently bought a house and you think it’s dull? Do you think something is missing, or you find your backyard unattractive? Maybe it’s time start your own garden and make your backyard more interesting and attractive so you can invite your friends and family soon. You wouldn’t feel ashamed of your new house, you’ll even be proud to show them of how you have successfully designed your garden on your own.

Having the “green thumb” is an advantage especially if you have a large area to plant small trees and plants in your garden. However, these plants and small trees would look prettier if you are able to create designs around it, for example, flower beds and fences for your small trees.

For you to be able to perform gardening tasks, you should be able to have all the necessary gardening tools as well as garden supplies to create the perfect garden.

Whether you are creating a garden of vegetables, fruits, or flowers, some of the basic gardening tools include garden carts, tool belt, pocket pruners, puddle proof bag, shovel, bypass pruners, pocket snips, spear head spade, trowel, knife, loppers, garden storage box, landscape designer, pruner treatment, pruning saw, cultivator, hoe, spork, nut gatherer, and more. Most of these tools are used by gardeners but not all are really necessary. You can get the ones that you really think is needed by your garden.

For all your flowers and plants, you should prepare some of the materials needed like watering pots, hose, sprinklers, barrels, and other water accessories. For your plants, you could also use accessories that are very convenient such as flower supports, planters, garden decors, plant markers, etc. Also remember to use lights and fertilizers to ensure the growth of your plants.

Aside from these gardening tools, you should also be aware of the important gardening supplies that you are going to use. Sand, stone, mulch, and soil are some of the basic supplies that you will need. Sand is a general tool for construction. You can either use a fill sand, lawn sand, plasters sand, white washed sand, or river sand, depending on your choice or the location of your garden. Sand has many benefits when gardening such as adding weight to the soil, enhancing the visual appearance of the garden, modeling landscapes, helps in drainage, and more.

Once you have all the materials you need and you know the right steps for landscaping, then you can start improving your garden’s appearance and show it to your friends any time soon.

Building Garden Seed Planters On Your Own

Growing a garden is a joy. Planting seeds by hand is a chore. Stooping, bending, digging, crawling its good exercise, but its not a lot of fun. Your back, your knees, joints you dont usually think about that much all of them will scream in protest after you spend a couple of hours digging small holes to plant seeds.

Garden seed planters are designed to relieve a lot of this burden. They are available at hardware and garden stores in many varieties. But its less expensive for people to build their own garden seed planters than to pay for commercially available ones. Garden seed planters can be put together very quickly by people who have the proper tools and materials PVC pipe, duct tape (that miracle substance that saved McGyvers life on so many occasions!), a funnel, and a hacksaw.

To begin, select a 1/2-inch diameter length of PVC pipe that is approximately 3 feet long. Using the hacksaw, remove the bottom two inches from the pipe, cutting it off at an angle of approximately 35 degrees.

Using McGyvers trusty friend, duct tape, the funnel should then be attached by its spout into the end of the PVC pipe that has not been cut at an angle.
This implement isnt as fancy as commercially produced garden seed planters, but it is immensely practical. To operate, hold the device in one hand and the seeds in another. Using the angled end, poke a small hole in the soil, then insert the end into the hole. Sprinkle seeds into the funnel, then scoop the dirt back on top with the angled end. Repeat for each seed.

This homemade seed planter is austere and very useful. Commercial garden seed planters will regulate seed depth and spacing, distribute seeds in specific amounts, and make rows that are straight and orderly. Your homemade planter wont do any of those things, but it will get you started in the garden. It will also save you a lot of back, knee, and neck pain.