Wood, Concrete, Resin, And Ceramic Garden Planters

Garden planters can turn a drab, plain looking yard into a wonderland of color and character. Garden planters come in many different designs whether they are meant to hang on a wall or sit in the yard. They come in many different materials, each offering unique characteristics.

Wood garden planters can add a comfortable, warm feeling to any yard and they come in many different styles and shapes. Square or rectangle shaped wood garden planters are very durable and can hold even the heaviest of plants. They also are the best choice for yards which do not already have an existing theme because there are many options available to start a theme.

Wood garden planters shaped like barrels can also be purchased, giving your garden a classic, old-fashioned look. They are also great for hanging plants because they are tall and give them enough room to grow.

Wood garden planters have other advantages due to the nature of wood. Cedar is a strong, reliable wood for a garden planter. Wood needs to be cared for with sealant or varnish, especially because you will be getting moisture on it with constant watering. Sun will also do damage to the color of the wood, so if you prefer your wood not to weather to a grayish color, varnish should be applied. Be sure to purchase varnish that will not be poisonous and harmful to the plants.

Concrete garden planters are not only beautiful, but they will be a long-lasting edition to any garden. The concrete surface gives a weathered and unrefined look to any garden and can be beautifully matched to stones and other accessories. They are usually made quite large, so it is also a great place for large or heavy plants. They are also easy to care for and will not be as prone to damage due to weather like wood garden planters.

Concrete has some disadvantages as well due to its size. Because concrete is considerably heavy, they will not be easy to move so a perfect spot must be chosen for the garden planter. Concrete also naturally has a lot of holes, so the water will quickly leak out and watering will be required more often. Sealing a concrete planter is not advised though, as dirty water will be much more difficult to empty. Mowing the grass around a concrete garden planter can be burdensome.

Resin garden planters can also create a great vibe in your yard or garden. They can come in just about any design you desire and finding the perfect resin garden planter may be the quickest find. Resin is also the most lightweight and easiest to transport out of all the materials. They are also the most easy to clean and maintain.

Resin garden planters are weather resistant but they should be handled with care to avoid cracking. The colors may also fade quickly.

Ceramic garden planters are the best option for gardens with a natural, earthy feel. Ceramic can often be crafted beautifully and they also come in the brightest and most unique colors. Ceramic planters also come in uncommon and unconventional shapes because many are hand crafted.

Ceramic planters are the most delicate of all planters unless they are very large. If you happen to bump a ceramic planter with a yard vehicle like a lawn mower, there is a good chance that it will crack. Because of their unique designs, they are usually the most expensive of all planters as well.

For A Haahoo Happy Birthday Host An In The Night Garden Party

So, one of the little ones has got a birthday fast approaching and you’ve promised them a special party to mark the occasion in style. It’s easy to plan a party for adults when all you need to arrange is a few nibbles on a tray and an endless supply of alcohol but naturally, this won’t suffice for anyone under the age of 18, particularly those at the younger end of the scale who have yet to learn how to spell alcohol correctly.

If you’re looking for something a little bit special, but perhaps you have a phobia of clowns and know that someone is likely to get lost if you treat them out to day at a theme park, then why not opt for a party at home where you can keep your eye on everyone and choose your own form of entertainment? If you’re not quite in the loop with what’s hot and what’s not with children’s television, then you’d better get some revision in quickly because as every parent should know, ‘In the Night Garden’ is the latest craze, and quite understandably so.

Somewhere, at the bottom of the garden, is a community of colourful characters who happily spend their day getting up to mischief whilst singing their favourite songs. With names like ‘Haahoos’ and the ‘Tombliboos’ you can be sure that your children are bound to be making their own words up soon enough, but nourishing that all important imagination is perhaps the greatest gift of all, so why not indulge them on their birthday with a special in the night garden Party?

Getting the theme right is much easier than you’d think it just takes a little bit of organisation and a lot of energy on the day. Get your child in the mood by encouraging them to invite their favourite friends to the social event of the year the ‘In the Night Garden Party Invitations’ are both colourful and easy to use, and with 20 invitations to a pack, they’re also a great way of keeping track of numbers!

When the doorbell rings and the first of the rowdy bunch starts to arrive, then you need to make sure you’ve got the theme in place and with just a few simple decorations here and there, the guests will start to wonder if they really have stepped into the magical world that they’ve seen on the television. An In The Night Garden Party Banner’ is a great way of adding some colour to the house and reminding everyone that they’ve all come to celebrate the birthday of a very special little boy or girl. Put a few in the night garden Party Balloons and you’ll be hitting the mark on what truly makes a child’s birthday party special.

Perhaps you’ve spent hours in the kitchen preparing that all important children’s party food you’ve probably been up half the night filling sandwiches and making jelly but it really will be worth it when you see the look on their little faces. Laying out the food can be made to look all that more special as you embrace the In the Night Garden Party theme. The In the Night Garden party plastic tablecloth will be a godsend when those inevitable spills of juice occur, but the kids will probably be too distracted when you present them all with some In the Night Garden party plates, cups and napkins. It’s these small details that will really help the theme to work, and with everything being disposable, you know you won’t have to spend hours cleaning up afterwards.

After what promises to be an exhausting but truly memorable day, don’t forget that no child’s party would be complete without some party bags for the guests to take home with them. Getting the balance right with what to put inside them may take a bit of consideration no parent will want their child to take home a sack of sweets but with some In the Night Garden Party gifts, you won’t go wrong.

Try placing an in the night garden Noisy blowout pack and some In the night Garden party bubbles inside their In the Night Garden party bags, and you’re surely onto a winner. With a slice of cake wrapped up inside too, you can be certain that all of your guests will leave with a smile on their faces and you can take a deep breath of relaxation in knowledge that you won’t have to do it again until next year.

Astrological Predictions 2013-14

Let’s take a look at my predictions for 2012-13 and see what actually happened: Here’s what I predicted: -More uprisings and riots. There were riots in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Israel, Greece and Spain. -An escalation of natural disasters. There was an avalanche in Afghanistan, epic fires in Colorado, and a 7.7 earthquake off the east coast of British Columbia, Canada causing a tsunami in Hawaii. -Water issues worldwide. We saw widespread flooding in Nepal, Pakistan, Russia, Romania, North Korea, Nigeria, the UK, Spain, a typhoon in the Philippines and Hurricane Sandy. -Rising unemployment into double digits in many countries. Spain and Greece are over 25% and an average of 11% in the 27 EU member states. US is reported at 8% but probably closer to 12%. -Governments taking more control over our privacy. On November 20th, the Senate rewrote a bill which now allows the feds to read private emails without a warrant. This law increases government access to emails and other digital files. This rewrite was done quietly and secretly. It now allows more than 22 agencies to access Americans’ email, Google Docs files, Facebook wall posts, and Twitter direct messages without a search warrant. It also gives the FBI and Homeland Security more authority to gain full access to Internet accounts without notifying either the owner or a judge. I am expecting sneaky controls over our freedoms and our privacy to encroach on us gradually and without our being aware of it until it’s too late. -More QE. i.e. money printing. In September of 2012, the US embarked on QE3, another huge round of borrowing and money printing. -Pension plans going bankrupt. E.g. The US Postal Service is broke and cannot pay into their pension fund, teachers retirement funds have gone broke, public pensions in many countries are underfunded and in danger of going under. -More focus on banks and financial institutions, a tightening of their regulations, more bailouts, more greed and more fraudulent activities. And that’s exactly what’s happened. -Growth of new technology, mobile phones and social networking. Apple launched its IPhone 5 in September, Smartphones, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Pinterest have all seen accelerated growth. There were advances in Iphones, android phones and an upsurge in the use of mobile apps. -A rise in anti- immigration laws and regulations. Since 2010, when Arizona introduced draconian immigration laws, 35 other states have tried to introduce similar rulings. -Price of gold and silver continuing to rise. Whilst precious metals didn’t perform as well as I expected, they have still risen nearly 5% this year and it is only a matter of time before gold reaches over $3000 an ounce and silver is at $100 an ounce. 2013-2014 – Important Astrological Aspects -There is a great deal of Water activity with Saturn in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter going into Cancer on June 25th making a Grand Trine in Water. -All three Mercury retrograde periods are in Water signs. -Intense Cardinal activity happening building up to the Grand Cross in December, one of the most powerful astrological aspects with Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn, Jupiter in Cancer and Mars in Libra. The ongoing square between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn is very much in force during 2013. Remember that Uranus rules uranium and Pluto rules plutonium so there is a likelihood of increased nuclear instability and nuclear accidents. This is going to be accentuated when Jupiter goes into Cancer at the end of June 2013 as Jupiter always increases and amplifies everything, so you can expect even stronger dissonance with respect to the economy, politics, weather changes especially earthquakes and volcanoes. The USA has Jupiter and Sun conjunct in Cancer (July 4th, 1776), so the second half of 2013 and the first half of 2014 is its Jupiter return. Expect to see issues around Homeland security, the safety of US citizens, and a search for belonging and security in general. The positive and negative issues will be highly polarised. It will be a year of opposites: war and peace, moving forwards and moving backwards, safety and vulnerability, balancing business and personal, home and work, emotional ups and downs, periods when a great deal is happening and periods that seem as though nothing is happening, holding onto the past and yet striving towards the future. The Cardinal signs signify that we need to be responsible for our own destiny and not rely on our governments to provide stability and security for our future. Let’s not forget the powerful Grand Trine in Water with Jupiter in Cancer, Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio. This is particularly strong during July 2013 but lasts energetically until mid-2014. This will bring increased confidence especially by lawmakers and governments in our economic and political systems. There could even be an upswing in the economy and the US dollar could go up in value. If it does happen, it will probably be short-lived and by the middle of 2014 if there has been an improvement in the economy, it is likely to be followed by a sharp drop a year or so later. Neptune in Pisces for the next 14 years indicates more flooding, tsunamis and excess water especially in coastal areas. There could also be issues with water purity and contamination. On February 9th, Mars is conjunct to Neptune which could be very favourable. It could be an opportunity to achieve something you have been dreaming of. On 21st March, Mars goes into Aries and will be conjunct with Uranus. This is a combustible combination and could lead to explosions and sudden riots, upsets, surprises. It can also indicate war. On 21st July 2013, Mars conjuncts with Jupiter in Cancer which adds more power to the T-square with Uranus and Pluto. I expect this to bring more sudden changes with respect to governments, control issue, power, the economy, social issues. On December 7th, Mars goes into Libra which completes the Grand Cross with Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Cancer. This is extremely powerful and will be the beginning of even more vast changes. Mars usually stays in a sign for about 2 months, but this time it goes retrograde on March 1st 2014 and stays in Libra until July 26th 2014. So we can expect another 6 – 7 months of opposing energies where agreements are hard to find and where progress is restricted. This can be happening not only on the macro level, but also on the micro level in your own life. You may feel as though your life is not moving ahead, as if you are in a holding pattern and you don’t know what action to take. When you take action there may be little or no apparent results. Keep in mind that the earth is in the middle of all these opposing and squaring planets and you may find yourself trying to look forward and being pulled backwards, deciding to take a risk and then backing out of it, changing your mind frequently, your location, your job and your relationships. It will take a huge effort for you to break free of old, destructive habit patterns and to move into a new, more uncertain yet happier life. Old structures that are no longer working for you will be pulled down. You may feel lonely, isolated and abandoned, but try to remain strong and realise that the reason that this is happening is because subconsciously you wanted more for yourself in your life. The old relationships that were draining and not fulfilling, the job that you hated, the lack of purpose and direction you felt in your life-.all this had to change for you to be happy and feeling as though you were fulfilling your destiny on the planet. You will have the opportunity to move to a higher vibration, but to do that you will have to let go of the old and to be ready to move into the unknown and to have faith in the new. It will be a particularly powerful time for the Cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn (and this will apply if it is your Sun, Moon or ascendant sign), and also for all the water signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Summary of Predictions for 2013-2014: -Worsening global economic crisis with more demonstrations and civil unrest -Youth protesters will turn violent even though we have had mainly peaceful protests so far -Higher unemployment -Stock market earnings slide lower -Multiple investigations of banking corruption and fraud -Rising oil and food costs -More failures of large insurance companies -Extreme weather patterns from very hot to very cold -Gold and silver to be very volatile with even more price manipulation, sometimes going lower and then much higher -More power outages and for longer -Survival kits will become a necessity -Alternative power sources will become more mainstream – more use of green technologies: solar power plants, rooftop solar panels, wind farms, geothermal uses, hydrogen power plants -Greater paranormal activity – more reporting of visitations from other beings -Space exploration increasing and the uncovering of greater knowledge -More people power using Twitter, Facebook and other social media concerning customer service. For the first time ever the consumer will have the power when rating a restaurant, hotel, airline, computer, products and services in general -Increase in military threats especially in the Middle East and this could be very explosive towards the end of 2013 when Mars is square to Uranus -Despite the crisis, some industries will grow. E.g. certain medical areas such as: regenerative medicine growing new bones, cartilage etc. -Growth in certain food industries, catering, food technology -New types of restaurants and food outlets -Greater knowledge and research placed on nutrition and diet -Healing and health products become more prominent -Focus on locally grown food and its preservation -Advances in water purification techniques -Energy efficient housing construction market growing e.g. passive houses -Security businesses could see massive growth – physical and/or virtual -Breakthroughs in oceanography and our understanding of the sea -3D printing become more accessible and getting closer to becoming mainstream -Traditional newspapers becoming obsolete – new forms of media where we the people are the reporters, not the controlling few who sift the news and keep us uninformed I am anticipating that overall economically, times will get worse over the next few years. Some economists are forecasting an upswing in the economy from the middle of 2013. And indeed with the grand water trine and Jupiter in Cancer, this is possible for a brief time. However, we should not be misled into thinking that the crisis is behind us and that we can confidently invest with security. With Uranus strongly featuring for the next 6 years, we will have to learn to expect the unexpected. I didn’t expect gold and silver to drop as sharply as they have done over the last few weeks. However, markets never go up in a straight line. If they did, everyone would be able to make a fortune. I am anticipating greater volatility and uncertainty in the markets with wider swings from high to low than ever before. If you are a good trader during these times, you could make a fortune. However, you could also lose a fortune. But the opportunities will be there. The key through all this hardship is going to be compassion and love with people coming together and helping one another through the changes. We can choose to make this a pleasurable and joyful time or we can make it even more difficult for ourselves. The choice is ours. I vote for helping one another, looking out for different ways of doing things, thinking outside the box, sharing our knowledge and expertise, working together and creating a new, exciting and better future for us all.

Fortifying the Garden With Plastic Cladding

Plastic sheeting is the consequence of plastic expulsion. This is shaped by method of a high extent assembling process, dissolving and disfiguring a crude plastic that comes about to perpetual record of plastic sheets. The extents of plastic items are good for the development and building substances. Garden roofs and signs have redirected into plastic sheeting. These plastic items have various types of grouping from window edges to outside material requisitions. Plastic Cladding offers an economical approach to truly give your home a facelift, it might be fitted over old brickwork or swap current timber cladding that is worn and spoiling. It is an especially engaging characteristic. They are particularly good for garden sheds. Not just tastefully satisfying, it likewise goes about as a second layer to the outer surface of the building giving it added assurance against the components, and serving to keep it protected even more successfully lessening your energy consumption bills. Garden plastics for outer surface dividers in the garden is available in an arrangement of materials, pick precisely as some will require the requisition of a waterproof covering or extra warm isolation. Block or workmanship lacquer are ubiquitous decisions, despite the fact that the beginning cost may be higher than different choices they have the preference of no upkeep. For roofing options for the entire home or the garden, flat roofs have additional challenges connected with them. In light of the fact that they do not incline rainwater does not immediately run down the top and empty off. It is very imperative that even material materials are as water safe and water tight as could reasonably be expected to avert genuine harm to the top itself and to whatever is left of the building and its substance. New sorts of flat roofing material are, no doubt, being utilized keeping in mind these offer progressively in the method for assurance they are likewise more exorbitant as a general standard. Advanced material is essentially just that. Advanced flat roofing material comprises of setting out a few layers of tar and water safe materials then afterward secured with rock. This is truly an old strategy yet the presentation of new waterproof materials has seen the quality and solidness of this method increment. The rock gesture as a great fire safe layer and might be made to look extremely alluring. It is ordinarily the shabbiest of the level material materials accessible, notwithstanding, it is extremely overwhelming and may presuppose reinforcing of the joists. The rock itself can obstruct drains and other key parts of water waste. Altered bitumen is an alternate stalwart in the realm of even material materials. Sometime in the distant past, it was essential to utilize torch down methods that included smoldering the move of material onto the top, nevertheless it is presently conceivable to get glue assortments, therefore removing the potential blaze peril that is in some cases partnered. The mineral surface that is utilized to make adjusted bitumen could be made in light shades, adequately reflecting the high temperature and sun.

Enliven Your Offices With Interior Plant Services

The human vision, by nature, is more attracted to the green spectra rather than any other color. That’s we always we feel refreshed whenever we look into a bright spot of green or a lush green garden. So if just a glance can bring such harmony, imagine having a workspace with such a lively green environment. Wouldn’t it be wonderful? Well, then why stuff yourself in a grey cubicle and limit your creativity, enhance the liveliness of your indoor landscape with some simple indoor plant care and transform your workspace to achieve maximum productivity.

Now there are actually two ways in which you can turn your office in to a green haven. You can either turn your office in to a mini tropical forest with exclusive live indoor plants, or just decorate the space with artificial trees such as artificial bamboo trees or artificial Ficus trees and still keep the liveliness of a green environment. The choice entirely depends on your interests and hours (if any) that you can actually put into maintaining these plants. Of course both have their advantage and disadvantages, but nevertheless they are sure to bring a serene and harmonious atmosphere for you and your employees.

Having live indoor plants compared to artificial trees might seem a lot of work at first, and it is, but it does have its own advantages. Live indoor plants not only enhance the visual aesthetics of the office space and but also bring in some life in to the building. Imagine entering into a fresh green space with the smell that just invites you stay relaxed and peaceful. Truly live indoor plants can be very refreshing indeed. But you do have to water them quite regularly, and have to clean up and constantly maintain them as well. So if you’re the kind of person who barely has enough time to look away from the computer screen, then these are not for you. But of course you can hire external contractors to maintain the plants, if you are determined about having them.

But a clever and more inexpensive solution would be to have artificial plants and trees around the place that look very much real but don’t require any of the maintenance as the real ones. There are plenty of artificial trees to choose from, which include artificial pine trees, artificial bamboos and even artificial palm trees. The plants and the components are made out of high quality silk that perfectly imitate the texture and color of real plants. And as they require no maintenance they can be placed anywhere you please, even on areas that do not get much light inside the building.

So in conclusion, no matter whether you choose live indoor plants or grand artificial trees, it’s definitely going to look great inside the building. And believe it or not, the more you have the happier you will be. So don’t hesitate, just decorate your workspace with a touch of greenery and enhance the liveliness and productivity of your office.

Build A Pent Garden Shed

Pent garden sheds and potting garden sheds can be found on gardens and allotments throughout the World. If you are considering making your own Pent Garden Shed or Apex Garden Shed, there are a number of factors that you should determine prior to going ahead.At the top of the list is to decide what form of garden shed do you want, a pent garden shed or an apex garden shed. Apex garden sheds are those designs where the roof comes to a point along the centre of the shed, while the pent garden shed has a roof that slopes from a high front to a lower back.

The Apex garden shed due to its high centre will have more headroom in the centre whilst the pent garden shed has more height at the front. On the pent garden sheds I have built, the windows are situated on the upper front of the shed which means that when you choose this design, it would be worthwhile to put your working materials on the front side and store your tools and any other equipment on the lower side. The next thing to do is to choose the materials with which you are going to build the shed. For the purpose of this article I am going to use a pent garden sheds design. Most materials used to build sheds are, in order of popularity; wood, metal & plastic.

Each has their advantages however, my preferred material is wood. The reason I choose wood is that it is readily available and it blends into the garden much better than metal or plastic materials.When deciding whether to employ a softwood or hardwood the simple answer is that softwood is much cheaper than hardwood. You must however try to find wood that has been painted as this will help protect the wood and although I suggest applying a coat of preservative upon completion, it is impossible to coat the pent gardens sheds floor underneath once it is constructed. In addition, if you use a wood that has been tantalised, a process by which preservative is forced into the wood as opposed to painting it on the wood; it will last for 20 years or more with no more than a coat of timber paint every couple of years.Another reason of employing wood is that you can colour it to match any garden design or garden furniture you have, enabling it to blend into your garden. As a result, this will enhance your garden so it looks more beautiful and natural. The species of wood to use are weather board and cladding types of wood as they are the most economical while at the same time offering a barrier from the inclement weather.To complete your pent garden sheds outer skin off you can incorporate tongue and groove planking to give a more beutiful finish to your shed. As the boards are arranged with the upper plank overlapping (this is where the term ‘overlap’ comes from), water is prevented from enteringmuch better than other designs.

To summarise, making your own pent garden sheds can be a long drawn out process. Although it is a good feeling to know you constructed your shed it saves little money. Buying a ready to assemble shed from a reputable supplier has the added bonus of a manufacturer’s warranty should the shed have any failings.

Garden Fencing, Bamboo, Ornamental Iron, Concrete, Steel, Railings, Metal, Precast Concrete Fence

Fencing as we know is basically a boundary wall which earmarks the area of a certain property. However, garden fencing not only determines or separates the area of your garden but it is also used to enhance the elegance and beauty of your garden. A good looking fence adds to the beauty of your garden while an ugly looking fence can spoil the beauty of even the choicest of plants in your garden. So if you want a talk of the town garden in your house you must pay good attention in selecting the right kind of fencing for it.

Bamboo fences are one of the most common forms of fences for gardens. Bamboo fencing comes strung with heavy duty galvanized wire and is available in different heights and lengths. This type of fences is most popularly seen in gardens as heir look matches with those of the plant in the garden. Bamboo fence panels come in different sizes and are used for outer fencing of the garden. Bamboo fences are considered as an option for separating portions of gardens and dividing your garden into various parts. When having a big garden in front of the house and need something to surround it so that it can give a total security, one looks for the more strong options such as a concrete fence. There is some precast concrete fence available in designer styles which can add to the security and beauty of your garden. Concrete block fence are also available in different sizes of blocks which can be laid together to form a fence in your garden. These blocks make installation of fence very easy and fast.

Another safe and secure option for garden fencing is the use of metal garden fence. They are perhaps the safest of all the fences due to the strength of its materials and metal fences are also very easy to maintain. Although they are rust prone but can be saved from rusting by use of anti rust paints on them. In the category of metal garden fence we can find several types of fences such as cast iron fence, stainless steel fence, iron garden fence etc. Metal fences are not only strong in nature but they can also be used for adding elegance to your garden. If you want to see through the other portion of fence then you can use stainless steel railings or other metal railings with some gap between two railings. Decorative metal fence is also available which can enhance the beauty of your garden. One can also use ornamental iron fence which are available in endless designs to surround your garden.

We can see that there are numerous options for garden fencing and one can easily select the best suited to them according to their choice and liking.

How To Start A Community Supported Agriculture Market Garden

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a great way for farmers and consumers to connect. The demand for fresh local food is growing steadily; there’s never been a better time to start market gardening. Learn how to start your own CSA and grow an income from your garden.

What is Community Supported Agriculture?

In the CSA model, customers support the farmer by buying a share of vegetables from her market garden. Customers often pay in advance for the season; this early cash flow provides start up capital for the farmer to buy seeds and supplies. In this model the CSA farmer can launch a market garden with little capital of her own.

What is the benefit to the consumer?

Customers of the CSA benefit by receiving a weekly share of fresh, natural food, often delivered right to their door. They also benefit from the knowledge they are supporting local food and local farmers, and reducing the ‘food miles’ that most produce travels before it reaches the consumer. Finally, the consumer is connecting back to the real source of all food, the soil. Many CSA customers feel a sense of ownership as they support their farm.

How to get started in Community Supported Agriculture

Step one is to set some goals for your CSA garden. How much money do you expect to make from your garden? Do you expect to make a part time income, or will your CSA be your main source of income for the season?

Once you have set an income target, you need to determine a price for your CSA shares, and the number of customers you will need to reach your target. For example, if you plan to make $10,000 from your garden, and you think that $500 per share is a fair price for your produce, then you will need to find 20 customers to meet your income goal. You can determine a price per share by surveying other CSA farms in your area, and comparing their offerings and prices. You can also estimate fair price by determining how much of each vegetable you plan to include in the share, and researching to find out an average price for each one.

Finding customers for your Community Supported Agriculture market garden

The first step in marketing your garden is to reach out to your warm market. Talk to your friends, family, co-workers, golf buddies, car poolers, in short everybody, and tell them you will be growing delicious, fresh vegetables in limited quantities, and if they hurry they can get on the list to get some. If they are interested, sign them up and accept a payment to help finance your garden.

If your warm market can’t fulfill your target for customers, then you have to find another source. Mail out flyers are a good way to target a specific area to find more customers. Find a neighborhood within your delivery distance, and send each home a flyer describing your garden and the benefits of your CSA program. If you write a good, compelling flyer, you can expect to receive about a 1% response rate. In other words, if you send out 1,000 flyers you will net about 10 customers. Repeat the mailing in other close neighborhoods until you reach your target.

Planning your Community Supported Agriculture market garden

Once you have confirmed how many customers you have, you now need to plan and schedule your garden to grow the vegetables for them. One of the big advantages of Community Supported Agriculture is that you know exactly how many customers you have, and therefore you can plan your market garden to be quite efficient. You will need to know your last spring frost date and your first fall frost date to plan your growing schedule. You also need to know how long each vegetable takes to mature, how much it yields, and how often you need to replant to keep a continuous harvest coming.

For example, if you have 20 customers, and each customer expects to receive one head of lettuce per week, then you know you need to harvest at least that many lettuces each week. If lettuce takes 50 days to grow to maturity, and needs one square foot of space to grow, you can figure out when to start the plants, and how much space in total you will need. You carry out this calculation for each crop you plan to grow.

Growing your Community Supported Agriculture market garden

A successful market garden requires regular attention to survive and thrive. You need to take all reasonable effort to grow and protect your crops; your customers are counting on you to bring them fresh vegetables each week. You should plant more than one variety of each vegetable, and make multiple plantings at short intervals to protect against crop failure. Grow disease resistant varieties whenever possible. Raised beds can protect against heavy rains and flooding, and drip irrigation will protect against drought. Floating row cover will provide a physical barrier against insects, and will protect young plants from cold and wind.

Starting a Community Supported Agriculture market garden is a great business you can start for very little cash. If you are successful you can grow from a part-time to a very good full time income with CSA.

Choosing Modern Garden Furniture

If you are looking to purchase furniture for your garden but you want to veer away from more traditional styles, there is an extensive selection of modern garden furniture to choose from in stores and online. But with such a variety of options, it is important that you know what you’re looking for before you hand over the money.

When choosing your furniture, consider these key questions:

1. How much room do you have in your garden? 2. What pieces of furniture must you buy (e.g. four chairs, two side tables, two loungers etc.)? 3. How much time do you want to spend taking care of it? 4. What is going to fit in well with your outdoor space and your lifestyle? 5. What is your budget? 6. How many years do you want it to last and will the weather be a problem?

When you’ve decided what you are looking for, follow the following simple guidelines which are sure to make your furniture look as if it was made just for you and your garden:

1. Choose colors that compliment the foliage and design of your garden. For instance, if your plants are mostly green, choose a natural color like dark brown or cream; if you have a yard with year-round colorful flowers, choose bold colors for your furniture like yellows, oranges and blues.

2. Go for some modern materials (like dark wicker, bold plastics and chunky cut wood).

3. Choose a shape that fits in with the surroundings. If your greenery is rugged and has an overgrown look, the you should go with an organic, curved shape. For gardens with tidily maintained, sparse plants, choose angled, neat furniture to fit in naturally with the surroundings.

4. If your chairs have cushions and pillows, make sure the fabric suits the surroundings – for instance, don’t choose a feminine, floral design for a highly architectural, tidy garden as it will just look out of place.

Finally, enjoy your updated garden! Gardens are places to relax and make memories, so choose key accessories that will compliment your new fittings and your garden’s landscape. Whether it is some hidden lights in the foliage that give the garden a bigger, magical feel at night, or a water feature that gives a zen feeling to the space, or, even, a modern sculpture that draws the eye to a focal point near your new furniture. The art of accessorizing your space will compliment the modern feel you will create with your carefully chosen furnishings.

Painting Garden Benches Correctly The First Time

Garden benches are useful because of their versatility of use and placement in and outside the home. But what if you bought one and now regret the color, or the wood grain doesn’t match with your deck? Or maybe you just are looking for a change. Painting garden benches is easy and worthwhile, provided it’s done correctly. Here’s how to paint wooden, metal and resin benches.

Wooden Garden Benches
To start with, you are going to need to remove any paint that’s peeling using a stiff wire brush, and remove all other bumpy varnish or paint using medium grain sandpaper. Next, you will want to wipe off sawdust using a damp rag and clean off the entire surface using soap and water. A clean surface will help paint better stick.

Once dry, you can start to paint your wooden garden bench. Apply a coat of primer to the wood and allow to dry completely before proceeding. If your wood has lots of discolored spots or knotholes, you can use a special primer that also works to remove stains. Either way, the drying process may take up to a day.

Next, apply a coat of exterior paint or paint that is meant specifically for outdoor wood furniture. Make sure that you get every visible surface and that paint is even and free of clumps and drip spots. Allow the first coat to dry completely before applying a second coat.

Benefit of painting wood: protects heartwood from rotting and also locks in preservative oils.

Metal Garden Benches

For painting metal, you will also need to clean the surface. Clean off dirt and rust spots using a wire brush and/or sandpaper. If there is strong staining of any kind, use a solvent like bleach or chlorine mixed with water to remove spots.

First, you will want to coat the garden bench with a latex, rust-resistant primer. This will also protect the metal from corroding. You can also look for primers that contain anti-mildew agents if you live in a particularly humid or moist area. If you will be using custom paint colors, you may want to tint your primer so as to use less paint applications. Primers and paints take longer to dry on metal than they do wood, so wait at least 24 hours before applying the next layer.

Apply one to two coats of metal-safe paints, allowing each coat to dry fully in between. Remember, paint may differ by material, so some paint for wood will not work to paint metal with.

Benefit of painting metal: protects against rust.

Resin Garden Benches
Painting resin garden benches is possibly the easiest of all because of the nature of the material. Resin is easy to clean, sticks well to certain paint and won’t corrode like metal. For plastic furniture, you can use Krylon spray paints. These best adhere to plastic and are easy to apply.

For all painting jobs, but spray painting in particular, work outside in a well ventilated area. It’s safer and will also save your home from possible spills and messes. To begin, clean off old resin garden benches with an ammonia solution, and clean new furniture with paint remover.

Next, you will need to protect all non-plastic materials on the bench from getting painted. Cover metal hardware and other pieces using masking tape. To begin painting, spray in thin coats for better control. You can apply up to four coats of spray paint, making sure once again to allow each coat to dry.

Benefit of painting resin: makes dull furniture shiny again, strengthens the surface of the material.